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Wednesday 11 Dec 2019
  • Spacious Banking Hall

    Welcome to our modern Offices at Meru Town
  • New Chuka Branch

    We have now spread our wings to Chuka Town
  • In Offer, Pepea Shares

    Subscribe to share drive and stand a chance to win exciting gifts including this motorbyke
  • Spreading Services to Kinoro

    Tea Farmers can now channel their proceeds through your innovative understanding Sacco


The first Sacco in the Diocese of Meru was established in late 1970’s by the late Fr Salesius Kirianthia (RIP). Diocese of Meru Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, Centenary Sacco was later registered in the year 2003.
The idea of having the Society was first thought of in 1999, due to the need of having convenient, efficient and fast services. Through the assistance of the Bishop and officers from the Ministry of Co-operative Development, the dreamwas achieved on 18th March, 2003 when the Sacco was registered.


Centenary SACCO aims at bringing cheap credit facilities, credit management skills and drive its members to economic prosperity from whatever economic status. It seeks to demonstrate that, lending and training members can transform peoples lives and foster self satisfaction. We believe Christians of different walks of life i.e. employees, small scale entrepreneurs, farmers, casual laborers, Juakali, traders, retirees e.t.c are crucial parts of the economy and needs to be supported at minimum cost. This inturn will grow the economy of the entire country.


Our current membership is over 20,000 members while projecting at registering over 40,000 members in the next five year. This will be achieved through our relentless efforts to accommodate new members from different levels of the society and our improved products in the market that suits all irregardless of our diverse social backgrounds. The SACCO is governed by the members through resolutions made during the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors elected among the members during the Annual General Meeting. The elected Board elects the SACCO officials amongst themselves.


smileyApply for your VISA Card Today!!

Have you applied for our VISA branded Sacco Card? If not visit our offices and fill an application form. With our Visa Cads, you can access your fosa account funds anywhere across the globe. You can do shopping in all the major supermarkets without the need to carry cash. You will experince flexibility while anywhere across the country or abraod. You can pay your bills using the integrated M-Banking facility that integrates your Mpesa account and your Visa Card. Try it today!!

smileyTransfer Cash from Your Sacco Account to your M-pesa Using Your Phone from Anywhere!!

You Can now transfer cash from your fosa account to your mpesa account diretly via your phone using our new online facility e-banking. Apply to be registered at our offices and get connected to the new technology. After registration, you will receive a message indicating your new PIN. You need to change this PIN to a secret one known only by you through pressing *882# and then call button on your handset. You will be prompted to enter the PIN sent to you through SMS and after that you enter your new secret PIN. On successful PIN reset/change, you can start accessing your Sacco FOSA account by using  *882#
Respond to promtps by replying with relevent numbers as shown on your phone to make selections for either transferring cash from your account to M-pesa.

Alternative method:

You can now download our new Android App on your phone to start accessing your account online for free. Use Play Store from your android phone to download the app for free.


smileyPay Shares & Loan using M-Pesa

You can now confortably pay for your monthly contributions, loans and make direct deposits to your fosa account using the new innovative CSSCONNECT. You need to be a registered M-pesa Operator for you to be able to utilize this facility.
Step 1: Load Cash to your M-pesa account,
Step 2: Go to M-pesa menu on your phone,
Step 3: Select PAYBILL OPTION from the list of available options,
Step 4: Enter Business Number as 700300,
Step 5: Enter Your Member Number if paying for share or loans and if making a deposit to your account, enter your fosa Account Number ,
Step 6: Enter the amount you wish to send, confirm the details are ok and send the payments.


Why Centenary Sacco?

Experience the difference of home banking. What you'll quickly discover is that our focus is on you and taking the time to get to know you and your needs. We build long-term relationships and partner with our Members by delivering superior and personalized service. At CENTENARY SACCO, we continue to be committed to providing our members the best value for their money in terms of low interest rates, competitive savings rates, new branch offices, 24/7 online/mobile and phone support, and convenient access to your money. You can rest assured that CENTENARY SACCO remains strong and growing and has the proven strength to serve our growing base of over 6,000 members, with an asset base of over Ksh 80 million in assets. Because CENTENARY SACCO is profitable, and continues to grow, we can continue to offer plenty of options to help our members. At CENTENARY SACCO, our focus is not on profits, but on your best interests hence the motto “Ushirika with a difference”.

Mission  ....Our mission is to mobilize savings and avail credit facilities to the members irrespective of their economic status in the whole Diocese in the most convenient and fastest time possible for sustainable development.


Vission   ....Our vision is to become an outstandind credit union in the country in mobilization of resourses and efficient provision of credit facilities.


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