Pambazuka Loan


Long term Loan advanced to established and registered groups and institutions to finance income generating group or institutions project.



  1. Loan shall be granted to established church groups, social group, investment groups and institutions that have joined the Sacco through group or corporate memberships.

  2. The group shall have a minimum of 10 members and for institution shall be a Sacco member

  3. The group shall have contributed for a period not less than 3 months standing and should have an active account with the Sacco

  4. The minimum amount shall be Kshs 50,000 and a maximum of kshs 5,000,000 for established groups and maximum 10,000,000 for institution

  5. The loan shall be a long term with a maximum repayment period of four years(48 months)with a grace period of 2 month on principal

  6. The interest rate shall be 1.5% pm on reducing balance method

  7. Group shall be required to contribute an amount equivalent to 33.5 % of the total loan borrowed inform of group savings/deposit

  8. Loan shall attract loan application and appraisal fee of 1% on loan applied or Kshs 1000 whichever is higher

  9. A legal fee of Kshs 2500 shall be paid by the group to meet legal requirement

  10. Minimum shares of kshs 10,000 for those borrowing less than kshs 100,000 first loan and kshs 20,000 for those borrowing more than kshs 100,000.

  11. Loans shall be used on the intended project by the group .

  12. Any asset financed will be used as the security to the loan and shall be co owned until the loan is fully paid.

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