RE- Financing Loan


Loan advanced to active Sacco members who have other Bosa loan and are servicing them accordingly and their deposit can allow another loan to re-finance their current projects



  • Maximum loan advanced is determined by 3.5 time’s total deposit freed

  • Maximum repayment period is determined by number of BOSA loans one’s has with a maximum of:-

  1. First maximum of 48 months

  2. Second maximum of 36 months

  3. Third loan maximum 24 months

  4. Fourth loan maximum 12 months


  • Loan interest rate 1% pm on a reducing balance

  • Loan appraisal fee of 1%

  • Loan facilitation fee of 1%

  • Affidavit of kshs 200

  • CRB referencing kshs 200

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