M-pesa PayBill Services

Our members can now deposit cash, pay loans and make monthly contributions from anywhere using their M-pesa account.


Access your M-pesa account and select PayBill option.
Enter The Business NO: 700300.
Enter your account or Membership number.
Enter amount and send.

This is received immediately at the sacco head office.

Mobile Banking Services

Our members can now withdraw cash and access other services from their FOSA account through their mobile phones.


Dial *882# and follow the prompts.

ATM Services - Saccolink Visa Card

You get a saccolink visa card when you open any of our savings accounts. The card allows access to your funds from
any Visa branded ATMs, supermarkets, online shopping and various outlets.

Personalized  Cheque Books

Individual members/Groups and institutions can now apply for a cheque book to enable our customers make payments
from their  FOSA accounts to third parties. This will help our members in reducing visits to the Sacco. It also makes huge 
cash payments secure.

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