• One must be an active member of the Sacco with monthly deposits for at least 3 months and channel his/her tea produce through the Sacco for at least 3 months.

  • The maximum loan shall be calculated based on previous year’s production in terms of Kgs multiplied by 15 ( the formula is subject to change depending on the prevailing market rates)

  • Maximum repayment period shall be 12 months done on monthly basis

  • Monthly repayment shall be 10% of monthly proceed and the balance to be recovered in full from the bonus payment

  • Interest rate shall be 13% flat rate

  • Loan facilitation of 2% and appraisal fee of 1% deducted up front

  • The member shall be required to contribute 10% of monthly proceed as deposit with kshs 300 being the minimum

  • Guarantors to this loan must be active Sacco members whose tea payouts are also channeled through the Sacco ( a minimum of 3 guarantors with matching produce ).

  • Applicants must fill an affidavit fee at a cost of Ksh. 200

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